We've Got Free Mystery Books Just for You!

Who doesn't love a good mystery? We, as authors, are always looking for ways to thank our readers for their support. And a few of us got together and thought, what better way to show our appreciation than to do a giveaway? So, here are Fourteen (14) FREE BOOKS just for you! They are all in the mystery genre – some thrillers, some cozy, all good. Check out the list below. Pick as many as you want, or all of them – your choice. They’ll only be available until May 12.  So go ahead, load up your e-reader, all the books are on us!


by Abby Vandiver

Logan Dickerson, an archaeologist, is running from being in her mother's shadow and runs smack dab into a murder. Miss Vivee, a five-foot nothing, ninety-something Voodoo herbalist wants to solve Gemma Burke's murder before the local sheriff can. Together they are a hilarious amateur sleuthing duo. Laugh out loud at their quirky caper. Fun, light reading.



by Abby Vandiver

What if the history you learned in school wasn't true? 2,000-year old manuscripts. A reluctant archaeologists. An earth shattering secret.  Justin Dickerson is a Biblical archaeologist who's going through her own personal crisis when she stumbles on a manuscript that is hidden with the Dead Sea Scrolls. The manuscript reveals an alternate history for mankind. Fact is mixed with fiction in this story, and while not action packed, it is thought provoking, making you wonder what if . . .



by Sonia Parin

He deserves to be murdered.” “Who said that?” “Apparently, you did.” With her bitter divorce behind her, Eve Lloyd wants to relax and think about her next step. Paying her aunt, Mira Lloyd, a.k.a. Elizabeth Lloyd, renown historical romance author, a long overdue visit, she plans on spending a month on Rock-Maine Island lounging around and plotting the launch of her new life. Her ex-husband, however, has other ideas. As for her aunt… she’s gone missing. And now there’s a dead body to contend with and a murder weapon with her fingerprints on it. A mantle of suspicion hangs over Eve and everyone she encounters has a reason to want her out of the way. Unwilling to leave matters in the hands of swoon worthy Detective Jack Bradford… only because it’s her civic duty to provide a new perspective, Eve Lloyd engages the assistance of her new friend and fellow suspect, Jill Saunders. They both stumble their way through a long list of possible motives and suspects in a race to find the killer before either one turns into the next victim. Clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language but lots of fun dialogue & quirky characters!


Two Books in One!


by Sherri Bryan

Small-town murder was never so calculated . . . When the arrival of newcomers to the bustling coastal town of St. Eves triggers a chain of events that result in the gruesome death of a handsome stranger, café owner, Charlotte Denver, takes up the challenge to help the police find the killer before they strike again. As she delves deeper for clues, she uncovers a shocking plot that rocks a close-knit community to its core.  Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse is the first book in the Charlotte Denver Cozy Mystery series, and includes a selection of recipes.


Grief, greed and grudges - the perfect recipe for murder ...
The death of a much-loved member of the community is the catalyst for another murder in the coastal town of St. Eves. With a twist at every turn, reluctant sleuth, Charlotte Denver, is once again on the case to help bring a killer to justice. With DCI Nathan Costello heading up the investigation, the plot thickens ever-deeper, and Charlotte's search for clues puts her life in danger as the story approaches its shocking climax. This is the second book to feature Charlotte Denver and the residents of St. Eves and includes a selection of recipes.Note from Sherri: This two-book bundle is a great way to acquaint yourself with the Charlotte Denver Cozy Mystery series, and its characters. These books are written in British English and contain no strong profanity, sex or graphic violence.


by Colleen Mooney

Brandy Alexander expects to order a box of CLUCK IT!—CHICKEN BY THE BUCKET when she pulls into the drive-thru, not hear gunshots and see someone in high heels and a black leather mini skirt climbing out of the pick-up window dragging a body. Her boyfriend, New Orleans Detective Dante Deedler, is on this case and hers as bodies keep turning up and she knows about them before he does. Her neighbor, the palm reader and phone sex operator, is having visions of Brandy’s future and past leaving more questions than answers. The truth is Brandy’s future is muddled with distractions, murders, family dilemma and a rescued Schnauzer named Jesus.  Who will help her? The phone sex operator who works in the nude, the handyman who makes better dresses than repairs, the attorney she kissed at a Mardi Gras parade that’s still hot for her, or her nemesis--Dante’s partner—Hanky? Time is ticking away and she might be the next victim. There’s no place like New Orleans to have a good crime!



by Kathryn Dionne

 Seventeen year old Savannah Swift has been plagued with reoccurring nightmares about a woman being buried alive in her car. Savannah's father, a Baptist minister, says it's because she watches too many scary shows on TV. But deep down Savannah knows these dreams mean something significant . . . But what? With the help of her two best friends, Jade and Emma, Savannah discovers something remarkable about herself. She has a gift. But as she begins to use her special abilities, she soon realizes that not all gifts are a blessing. Sometimes, they can be a curse.


THE ELEVENTH HOUR: The Enlightened Ones

by Kathryn Dionne

When archaeologist, Sophia Conrad, uncovers an ancient scroll hidden deep in the Judean hills, a force greater than her conscience compels her to steal it. As she begins to translate the writings she realizes three very important facts. This is a book of prophecy foretelling the end times; it is the personal diary of Jesus; and she has been chosen to save mankind from the next cataclysmic event. But when she discovers a small piece of fabric tucked inside the scroll, she and her husband David, a geneticist, are propelled into a life of science, secrecy and government conspiracy.



by Connie Cockrell

When Jean Hays moved to Greyson, Arizona, she thought she’d found the perfect place in which to get away from her sleazy ex-husband and start over, a fresh beginning far from the big city. But when she discovers the desiccated corpse of local quilting legend Ina Grange in a storage container on the fairgrounds where she’s volunteering, she inadvertently starts uncovering a deadly conspiracy just under the surface of the sleepy town. Between managing the annual Greyson fair and pursuing the shadowy trail of destruction left by the murderer, Jean has her hands full dealing with drunken brawls and nasty falls, suspicious ex-wives and keen-sharp knives. And that’s not to mention the stubborn Police Chief himself. Will Jean find the truth before the killer decides enough is enough?


by Judith Lucci

It's Mardi Gras season in post-Katrina New Orleans. Thousands of tourists have flocked to the city, paralyzed traffic and jammed the French Quarter with drunken crowds and garbage. City officials expect record crowds and the biggest boost to the Crescent City economy since the big storm. Alexandra Lee Destephano, legal counsel for Crescent City Medical Center, is anticipating her third Mardi Gras season and her date with dashing art historian Mitch Landry to the biggest Mardi Gras Ball in New Orleans. Things change. Alex is stat-paged to the hospital and learns from her boss and former husband, Dr. Robert Bonnet, that the wife of the Governor of Louisiana has been found unconscious and covered in blood in her hospital room. To make matters worse, patients have left the hospital against medical advice, and staff have refused to work. By the end of the day, the Ball is the last thing on Alex's mind.


by Stuart Pereira

Welsh born Tony Gomez gets his first taste of war. Inserted behind enemy lines, he is mobilized with fellow TA soldier Yorkie Barnes and ready to join the British task force sailing to the Falklands. They contact a regular SAS patrol to interrogate an Argentine air force pilot, but the regulars consider them amateurs, unfit to wear the SAS badge. Friction boils over into violence.  Whilst recovering from wounds aboard a hospital ship, Tony Gomez stumbles across a shocking link to his past, which makes him question everything he has been told of his family history. Ten troubled years later he returns to the Falklands to find and lay a ghost.


by Ryn Shell

Australian historical fiction. Enjoy action, drama, love, and clean romance in this short story-length excerpt from To Kill for a Ghost, book 2 in the Stolen Years Series.


by Martina Dalton

POWERFUL VISIONS. A MISSING GIRL. A MAN WITH A KNIFE. Jenny Crumb can no longer suppress her haunting visions. She’s done her best to keep her psychic ability a secret from her friends and family. After a bad fall and a concussion, Jenny’s horrifying visions of a creepy man with a knife become even more intense. When a girl in her community goes missing, Jenny risks everything to find her. Can she save the girl before the kidnapper kills them both? Even if she survives, her life will change forever.


by Rhonda Crowder

Nearly 30 years old, Chyne “Riddles” Jaspers thinks she’s in a good place.  She has a daughter who adores her, a lucrative business, chic home in one of Atlanta’s most upscale gated communities, money in the bank, access to the finest luxury vehicles and holds a degree in anthropology. Riddles works as a stripper by choice. She’s even come to grips with her child’s father, who left her pregnant. So life is going according to plan until, one night, her co-worker and friend Malibu is murdered in a VIP room at Joker’s Gentleman’s Club. As soon as the last piece of evidence is collected at the club, it’s back to business as usual and no one seems interested in finding the killer . . . except for Riddles. A feeling deep down in her gut drives Riddles to become an amateur sleuth, and not too soon as she discovers she must solve this mystery in order to protect her own life.