Name My Book

I'm working on the next three books in the Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery Series, and I telling you, it isn't as easy as you may think. I'm having the hardest time finding a name for one of the books. Maybe you can help?

Take a look at the covers. All of them have a structure of some sort that can hold people. There is a bench, and Miss Vivee's Wheaton Scottish terrier, Cat, in each. All those things either figure into the title or the story.  I've got two of the three names picked already, Deep Delta Devilry and Turkish Tent Turmoil, but the third one I'm going to leave to you, my reader.

1. The title of the book has to have three words in it. All words have to start with the same letter.

2. The title for the new book cannot start with the same letter as an existing book, so there can be no words in the title starting with letters B, C, D, F, G, M, S, or T.

3. The first two words have to name a place, and the last word has to be a synonym for the third word in any of the existing titles. Those words are: Bedlam, Calamity, Mayhem, Frenzy, Gallivant, Shenanigans, Devilry, or Turmoil.

4. The title has to be able to be associated with a structure I can use on the cover.

5. The book will take place in Yasamee, Georgia (not a real place), so no titles with foreign places.

6. The winner will get a signed copy of the book they name! Also, with the winner's consent I will use their name in the book!

7. Enter as many times as you like, and the contest is open until June 29, 2017.

Good luck!

Oh, but that's not all!

Have you noticed I try to use unusual methods of murder? Dry drowning and water intoxication, to name two. Do you have an unusual, interesting (but plausible) cause of death? Submit it and if I use it, you too will get a signed copy of the book that the manner of death you submitted appears in. How fun, right? The same rules apply: Enter as many times as you like, the contest ends on June 29, 2017.

I'll announce the winner on my website sometime in July 2017. Good luck!