It’s a Lollapalooza!

Oh yes, this is impressive!

Six full-length novels.

Two complete series.

One boxed set.

All of that by two Amazon #1 bestselling authors.

I got together with Kathryn Dionne and we assembled an amazing boxed set of books. We’ve included her Savannah Swift Psychic Mystery Series – the first book, Six Mile Canyon, was a bestseller in it’s category after its release in 2016. Now she’s written two, never before published books, to complete the series and included them – Pleasure Point, and Cathedral Rock  in our collaboration. Add to that my three Normal Junction Cozy Mystery books, Angel Angst, A Witch’s Wheel, and The Ghostly Gadfly, and you’ve got a lollapalooza! (Now you see why I named this post that).

We’ve got psychics, witches, ghosts, angels, and murder – of the cozy kind! You’ll get a thrill from our tales and you won’t have to wait too long to get your eyes on them – we’ve set June 26 as our release date. But wait! There’s more! The entire set – six full-length novels, two complete series – is only 99 cents! Yes! Unbelievable, I know. And you can pre-order now! GET IT NOW.

Okay, enough exclamation marks.

Our Amazon product page will give you a full description of all the books. Both Kathryn and I are very excited about them. But please, don’t miss out, anything this good doesn’t last long and that’s true with our Paranormal Boxed Set. We’re only offering the books together in this boxed set until July 25. After that, you’ll only be able to purchase the individual books on our respective Amazon pages. So, what are you waiting on? Get to ordering!

Happy Reading!