Look What I’ve Got Cooking!


Yes! I have three new books coming out. Angel Angst, A Witch’s Wheel, and The Ghostly Gadfly. Yay!

The three books are part of a series, but it’s not your typical “series.” You see, each book has different characters, each on their own individual journey. The stories are of the cozy kind – an amateur sleuth solving a murder, only solving of the whodunit by my wannabe detectives is aided by a supernatural accomplice. (Take a look at the titles, it won’t be hard to guess what they might be). The only constant is where the stories take place. Normal Junction.

Normal Junction, as you’ll find out in the books, isn’t a place that’s on any map, but it’s a place where we’ve all been. A sort of magical place where you go when there’s trouble afoot, and you need help, because you’ll find it there.

I’m excited about the books coming out. I love stories about witches, ghosts and angels, and always wanted to write one. Now I’ve written about all three! Angel Angst will be out in June, but the other two won’t be released as singles until late July. What do I mean “as singles?” Surprise! You’ll be able to get all three of the books, plus ANOTHER series by my good friend and colleague, Kathryn Dionne, in a Paranormal Cozy Boxed Set to be released June 26 . For more about it, CLICK HERE. Or, BUY IT HERE.

So, check back on my website, www.abbyvandiver.com periodically to stay updated about my new books. Three of them are coming at you real soon!

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